When I see a sign, a rule or a warning that I think is unnecessary, I  often think of the idiot that did the something that made them put up the sign.  “Please turn knob to open door” was inspired by someone who could not use a handle, at least not without direction.  Idiots don’t do this work alone, (Thankfully, who wants a world ruled by idiots?)  

Assholes are also huge contributors to unnecessary rules and signage.   Who was first be told not to talk in a movie theatre.  An asshole, that’s who.  If it was in idiot, they probably would have only done it once but thankfully an asshole persisted and here we are. 

Fact is, the rules and regulations of a society are mostly created by it’s most active idiots and biggest assholes. Over the course of human history millions of idiots and assholes have toiled in self inflicted misery and bloated self importance to help shape our world.  How could we possibly have known what not to do without people who did it first?

It can be dangerous work, especially for idiots. “Don’t feed the bears” undoubtedly ended in unspeakable carnage. “Cliff ahead” certainly was created with a high price.  Idiots died so we don’t have to. They don’t realize it of course, they’re idiots but still they should be recognized for the idiots they are.   

Assholes do better in life, at least initially as they are often serving their own interests. Others see assholes benefitting and do the same, until you have everyone being an asshole  and the whole situation becomes unmanageable.  I’m confident that whoever is responsible for “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” had at least a brief period of doing unto others with little to no consequences, then others did unto others until finally someone did unto them and all hell broke loose with doing and more doing until everyone was done.

It’s always interesting of course when a new rule comes along.  This afternoon, twitter (which has very few rules given the number of idiots and assholes), came up with a new rule. “Twitter will now label any tweets in which political candidates or other users attempt to claim victory in an election prematurely, requiring a race to be officially called by either state election officials or at least two reputable news outlets.”

What makes this rule fascinating of course, is that the rule is being created BEFORE it is actually needed.  This is rare.  It can only be accomplished by assholes with an outstanding track record and that have in the past inspired so many idiots that a rule is needed before it is needed.   Idiot assholes tend to make enough rules to change human history. Wherever we were headed, we are headed somewhere else now and over the next few years there will be a string of  new rules to prove it. Tax laws, constitutional amendments, International treaties and basic grammar  are all being re-examined because of the sheer will of the greatest idiot asshole we have ever known.  Unfortunately, for most of these  new rules to take place, he will have to follow the fate of every idiot and asshole in history, and end badly.

So what do you say America? The rest of the world is begging for change. Let’s make some new rules.