Best served before an election

(Time required: 8 years)

Step 1:  Intimidate caucus and Parliament by beating vigorously.

Step 2:  Pre-heat tensions between judicial and legislative branches by instructing your legal team to approve legislation that has as little as 5 percent chance of getting court approval.

Step 3: Continue to intimidate caucus and parliament.  If dissenting opinions continue, throw in a dash     of attack ads.

Step 4: Consistently draft legislation that has elements that barely meet 5 percent requirement.  Keep referring to the idea that you’re doing this for all Canadians. The small percentage of Canadians you are doing this for really think that they are all Canadians.

Step 5: Sit back as judiciary branch predictably turns down legislation eleven times. Things are about to come to a boil.

Step 6:  Test the resolve of democracy.  If the son of a man who passed The Charter of Rights  and Freedoms will vote for a bill that most living former prime ministers fear is a threat to  those very freedoms,  then you may be ready for an election. If he states publicly that he will support the bill to simply to avoid being called a coward before an election, call the election immediately.

Step 7: Wait for a report (that you ordered) that talks of 6000 deaths, periods where 24-42 percent of children in a residential school system died and refers to the scientific experimentation and        starvation of children. When it  slowly make it’s way out publicly,  (Very slowly, it was delayed  when you force the commission of judge to go to the courts to get the documents for the report your ordered.) then move to Step 8.

Step 8: Watch Judges (who are made commissioners of report) publicly and predictably admit that       this meets UN definition of ‘cultural genocide’.

Step 9: Sit back and watch the usual pawns of  punditry howl at the indecency of activist judges who have the ridiculous notion that when you instructed them to create a commission,  you would’ t mind if  they read it out loud.  The audacity of these judges to point out that the good ol’ days sucked for some people.  Remember, the  tone of these columns should be clear.  These judges are mad with power because they have more to say than the legislature, which somebody beat into silence.

Step 10: Repeat every 8-10 years or until elections are no longer necessary.