Well, it was fun while it lasted. The Habs ran into a team built a little bigger and that had more gas in the tank as the playoffs dragged out.  I can’t complain. I was pleased to know that we could lose a goalie like Price and still have a fighting chance. Tokarski was a GREAT pick up.

As a Habs fan living in the GTA, I faced a litany of your typical ‘Habs suck’ call outs.  I don’t mind the rivalry. What I love/hate about Boston is the intensity of Bruin passion for the game.  No act of douchebaggery seems uncalled for in their eyes.  An on ice visor squirt and a testicle poke is all part of the fun. They’re creative. Yeah they’re brutes, but clever ones at that.  They find new ways to be the big bad bruins and it never goes stale.

What does go stale from the Habs haters is the constant repetitive chant of simple minded Leaf chant “Habs suck”.  Sure as a kid,  I would relish the chance to call out “Leafs Suck” after a win. I was 12. Listening to grown men/cyber trolls stew in hate of yesterday because their Leafs got eliminated again turns the rest of the hockey world into sports anthropologists, scratching their heads in wonder at the tribal rites of yesterday. 

By no means am I asking for anyone to stop hating the Habs. Haters have to hate. I’m just asking for some creativity here.  Think of new ways to Habs hate. Think out of the box.  Quick examples.

Comedian Billy Burr. “their silly little fans who act like they live in Paris even though you can see the place from Vermont”

Notorious Hab Hater Stanley Cup Chowder; ‘Celine Dion almost bought the team and nobody in Montreal seemed to be embarrassed about this”

For the record, I was embarrassed by that.

The point is, we get it. You hate the Habs. They suck. They dive.  blah, blah, blah, It’s boring and lame coming from fans that have to rent another team every playoff year. There’s a lameness to the sameness. As it stands now, a memorable Leaf game is usually when the Mayor shows up drunk.  Show Leafs management you have more creativity than they do and maybe, just maybe it’ll rub off on them and you’ll get your own playoff run.

See you in the fall.