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March 7-9, Niagara Falls Yuk Yuks

Scott will be headlining Niagara Falls Yuk Yuks March 7-9.

March 7-9, Niagara Falls Yuk Yuks

Scott will be headlining Niagara Falls Yuk Yuks March 7-9. Details here.

Ottawa Yuk Yuks, February 14, 15

Scott will be headlining Ottawa Yuk Yuks with 4 shows in two nights. Details here!

It’s Up, It’s Down

I’m sharing this story for comics. I’ve told it privately before but I’m putting it down. I was headlining the Riviera. I usually did the middle spot but they had a cancelation at the last minute. It was very, very, cool. It was a week long gig, two shows many nights. 300 seat room. Often […]

Scott Headlines Burlington Yuk Yuks

Next week I’ll be headlining the New Burlington YUK YUKS for their opening weekend. Yes, that’s right, Burlington has a YUK YUKS. Take that Oakville.

Date Night Comedy – August of Laughter

This should be an awesome show. Hosted by myself and Anne McMaster. Featuring Courtney Gilmore, The Kids Table and Laurie Elliot. Hot hot hot n’probably humid AUGUST LINE UP! COURTNEY GILMOUR: Local favourite and winner of the 2017 Just For Laughs Homegrown Comics Competition. Courtney co-produces the hit monthly show So Fresh N’ So Clean. […]

Something I Learned from my Father

This  is something I learned from my father. My father is 75 years old. He has survived three cancers, a heart attack and kidney disease.   He was a member of the conservative party when he was young (though he was swayed for a period of time by some guy named Trudeau.  It wasn’t the […]

Proposed By-Law Causes Uproar in Burlington

Proposed by-law Causes Uproar in Burlington Some Burlington residents are up in arms over a new proposal that critics say would have a serious impact on the rights of many Burlington seniors. Before the city council is a motion to amend the current ban on cats in public so that it also includes men who […]

Stephen Harper’s Power Pie

Best served before an election (Time required: 8 years) Step 1:  Intimidate caucus and Parliament by beating vigorously. Step 2:  Pre-heat tensions between judicial and legislative branches by instructing your legal team to approve legislation that has as little as 5 percent chance of getting court approval. Step 3: Continue to intimidate caucus and parliament.  If dissenting […]

A Letter for ita

It’s funny how we grieve. Over the holidays, two friends, both of whom I’d known for roughly 25 years passed away.  The first was my college room mate and life long buddy, Frank.  His passing was unexpected and devasting for both his family and friends. My plans to go to his funeral were ruined by […]