Design Firms Web Design Winner, April 2010

Stephen Harper’s Power Pie

Best served before an election (Time required: 8 years) Step 1:  Intimidate caucus and Parliament by beating vigorously. Step 2:  Pre-heat tensions between judicial and legislative branches by instructing your legal team to approve legislation that has as little as 5 percent chance of getting court approval. Step 3: Continue to intimidate caucus and parliament.  If dissenting […]

A Letter for ita

It’s funny how we grieve. Over the holidays, two friends, both of whom I’d known for roughly 25 years passed away.  The first was my college room mate and life long buddy, Frank.  His passing was unexpected and devasting for both his family and friends. My plans to go to his funeral were ruined by […]

A Little Christmas Gratitude

As many of my friends are aware, my father and I were involved in an awful traffic collision on Thursday night.   We walked away alive  but are still feeing the effects of three impacts that made the car a compete write off. Last night, I received the good news that the other driver involved […]

This blog is so 905

I never really bought into the Toronto hate thing because resenting success and money is a tired cliche. Having said that, I’ve got to admit, after living in the GTA for two years, with all due to respect to my many friends here, this place really is douche bag central. Toronto is the only place […]

50 Shades of a Jello Tree

There’s a story in the National Post about a CBC executive producer who was willing to ignore complaints about Ghomeshi’s behaviour four years ago.  The Ghomeshi scandal is twisting and turning to a new ugly shade of grey every day.   The serial nature of his violence against women is at the very core of […]

My interview with ex Toronto Maple Leafs Fan

A Toronto Maple Leaf fan is suing Maple Leaf owners Roger’s Entertainment Group for emotional distress. Forty six  year old  Dustin Simmons was born in 1968 and has never seen his home town heroes hoist the Stanley Cup in celebration. Simmons is claiming that the longtime Maple Leaf slogan “Go Leafs Go!!!” has caused severe […]

A Parenting Memory

Some friends of ours, Steve and Nancy just had a baby daughter. It got me thinking. When our first child was born, like many couples, we split the night feeding shifts. Baby Ronin’s schedule was to feed at 11:30 p.m. (which I did so my wife could go to bed earlier) and 4:30 a.m. (which […]

407 ETR Shows it Cares with New Payment Plan

407 ETR has announced a new toll payment  plan to be implemented beginning January 1st, 2015.  At a sparsely attended  media press conference,  407 ETR spokesperson Kenny Sims explained the new proposal. Customers will have two choices when it comes to bill payment; make the traditional fiscal payment, or be anally penetrated by selected members […]

The Habs Haters

Well, it was fun while it lasted. The Habs ran into a team built a little bigger and that had more gas in the tank as the playoffs dragged out.  I can’t complain. I was pleased to know that we could lose a goalie like Price and still have a fighting chance. Tokarski was a […]